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Orange Slices by KyraMidnightWyvern
Mature content
Orange Slices :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 2 0
Whoops they're cute by KyraMidnightWyvern Whoops they're cute :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 2 2 Art Styles + I'm not dead by KyraMidnightWyvern Art Styles + I'm not dead :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 1 2 Lockey MYO - Peach Tree by KyraMidnightWyvern Lockey MYO - Peach Tree :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 3 8 Winter Coat by KyraMidnightWyvern Winter Coat :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 3 7 Start. by KyraMidnightWyvern Start. :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 0 3 Lovely Aekij Practice by KyraMidnightWyvern Lovely Aekij Practice :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 0 11 Chlorine by KyraMidnightWyvern Chlorine :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 1 2 I don't know what this is. by KyraMidnightWyvern I don't know what this is. :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 1 7 Chamomile Comp by KyraMidnightWyvern Chamomile Comp :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 2 0 rIDING A DIRE WOLF TO VICTORY by KyraMidnightWyvern rIDING A DIRE WOLF TO VICTORY :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 1 7 Nyx is Inappropriate and Needs to be Stopped by KyraMidnightWyvern Nyx is Inappropriate and Needs to be Stopped :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 0 11 Candy Boy Dress by KyraMidnightWyvern Candy Boy Dress :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 0 0 Sketches by KyraMidnightWyvern Sketches :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 1 0 Why It's Hard To Sleep by KyraMidnightWyvern Why It's Hard To Sleep :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 3 3 Three Cats by KyraMidnightWyvern Three Cats :iconkyramidnightwyvern:KyraMidnightWyvern 2 3
I mostly just post a bunch of random stuff.


Artistic Murderer by Boredman Artistic Murderer :iconboredman:Boredman 22 5 Cringe Compilations stamp by ACorgiInHumanClothin Cringe Compilations stamp :iconacorgiinhumanclothin:ACorgiInHumanClothin 29 12
beer is good
anyways please please
who owns a character that is a boy
but looks nothing like a boy and is actually a so called "femboy"
(if you have never heard of that term before, its basically a male character with many female characteristics/features)
pleas eplease please 
dont get offended when people accidentally call him a girl
i've seen this happen too often like, 
some of the owners of those characters will usually get incredibly rude towards people when their character gets called a girl while it also looks extremely much like one too
while unknowing people who dont even know any kind of backstory to that character 
usually kids that are like 10-13 years old
get just nothing but confused 
I mean if you clearly state that its a boy and people are just too lazy to read the description its o ka y to like,, give those people a small hint that they just misgendered a character
but please dont get offensive, thats just not fair and plain rude thank oyu
:iconnhyku:nhyku 104 65
Life update and meet my new partner!
Hiya guys!
I know Ive dissapeared from the face of DA for the last couple months (the only place Im at now is Instagram and sometime FB cause its so easy uploading stuff there). The reason Ive been/am away is because of my new job and moving to a new town. It take time to settle thats for sure. But the thing is, now when I finally started to do so, knowing a little more of my new city, Im moving again. :dummy: It happen on the 1st of may. Im moving to a village about 20 minutes from the city I now live in. The reason is simple, Im gonna get an OWN place! Its really small alright, just one and a half room (the half is a room in wich only my bed will fit :D), and its also located in a cellar :XD: BUT! Its my own, my very friggin own! Its gonna be compact living ultra delux but its soooo worth it! I simply dont fit with other people, even though the woman I live with is insanely kind I still cant relax, I cant cope, so yeah, Im super excited now!!! Im also mighty tired, but happy. I think
:iconescaron:Escaron 8 44
krass by nhyku krass :iconnhyku:nhyku 495 38
Any inquiries about the Lockey Species can be asked here .<3
This will be updated as the group progresses.
How do I obtain a Lockey?
Lockeys can be bought from Spiritmydog-Adopts or obtained in raffles or DTAs. You can also purchase Lockeys from guest artists from time to time. You may also be able to trade for one.
How do I determine the rarity of my Lockey?
You can determine the rarity of your Lockey by the keyblade located on its tale and horns. The rarity chart is located here .
If it is unclear what column it falls under, feel free to ask. Mutations are also listed in the description of the rarity chart. mutations are basically traits that do not belong to regular Lockeys, like wings e.t.c.
Can I draw my Lockey without its key?
You sure can! Lockeys can d
:iconlittle-lockeys:Little-Lockeys 2 0
|Lockey Updated| CS| Reference Sheet| by Spiritmydog-Adopts |Lockey Updated| CS| Reference Sheet| :iconspiritmydog-adopts:Spiritmydog-Adopts 28 14 Halloween by nammmfah Halloween :iconnammmfah:nammmfah 2 0 Halloween Carrion by nammmfah Halloween Carrion :iconnammmfah:nammmfah 2 0 Papyrus Stamp by Lessandrant Papyrus Stamp :iconlessandrant:Lessandrant 509 77 Lolpear by Hawkye Lolpear :iconhawkye:Hawkye 2 4 meet the artist by nhyku meet the artist :iconnhyku:nhyku 897 94 Lackadaisy: Freckle Custom Plush by Nazegoreng Lackadaisy: Freckle Custom Plush :iconnazegoreng:Nazegoreng 1,263 68 A Doting Heavy (GMOD/COMIC) by Auntie-Mags A Doting Heavy (GMOD/COMIC) :iconauntie-mags:Auntie-Mags 7 3 Peppersteak auction [CLOSED] by rRamune Peppersteak auction [CLOSED] :iconrramune:rRamune 94 17 Apocalyptic Horseplay - 1year Anniversary by Boredman Apocalyptic Horseplay - 1year Anniversary :iconboredman:Boredman 15 10




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Rainkit72, Nyxie
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I have no idea what to do here lol. If I bother you, let me know. I'm barely active, and when I am, I usually spout nonsense.


So I had an AP History exam on Friday. I now have more time to chill the fuck out.
I went through all the Abarat tags on Tumblr. Thank my lucky stars I'm not the only one who wants to hug the Nightmare Man.
So I have a tumblr now. I am nyxpolarkitty. I'll probably just reblog things. And do that weird teXT CRESCENDO THING
So there's this girl in Health class that doesn't like loud noises, and this dipshit who sits next to her keeps slamming things on the table. She keeps telling him to stop, he doesn't, and she keeps giving this post-shock nervous laugh. I can't tell if she's actually bothered or if they're messing around. I'm bad at reading situations. I dun like this boy, though, he's a prick to another student who reacts kinda the same way. I kinda wanna scare the shit outta him, or just make 'im nervous the way he does other people, 'cause my blood fuckin' /boils/ when I see people acting like that. But I'll ask this girl about it.


I ran into an advertisement a while back about Girls of Wild's (an action/romance comic) and I thought it was interesting. I looked it up and found it on Webtoons.

I was not prepared.

The place is FULL of comics and I'm in love with this place. There are all sorts of different art styles, and they have plenty of genres to choose from (romance, action, thriller, comedy, etc...). If you like comics, I highly recommend you go to the site:

Or you can get the app. As far as I know, all of it is free, but the creators have links to their Patreons in case their fans want to support them there, too! I feel like there might be something there for everyone. :)

Some of my favorite artists on there are Shen (Bluechair, Live With Yourself), Boredman (UndeadEd, Apocalyptic Horseplay), Jinsoo Bae (Friday: Forbidden Tales, 3-Second Strip), and walkingnorth (Always Human).

Shoutout to Volatile_doll who has started their first comic on Webtoons yesterday called "LIMBO"!

P.S. If anyone starts reading Apocalyptic Horseplay by Boredman, please tell me what you think! I haven't been able to shut my mouth about this comic and I think my parents are tired of hearing me say "TEAM PESTY!"
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